a new days perspective

A new bedroom, minus the wall to wall beds to accommodate room for 4...a secret hideout...pea soup on the stove...holding on to Christmas...coping mechanism for no dishwasher...an organized husband helping his wife out...and preparing for tonight's activities, before the rain sent us running inside for cover. I can feel home getting closer and closer. Much contemplation and soul searching today, my friends.


some thoughts

So here we are... a new year and a new home, yet again. I am missing good friends, feeling guilt for leaving family, and trying to find solid footing. A new rhythm to make, a new balance to find, new goals to be set, new hope to hold on to. We left Arizona with a lot of love. Maybe karma will pay it forward. Sick kids, moving with an obsessive and compulsively organized husband, trying to hold onto myself through it all... baby steps, Sarah, baby steps.

Photo c/o Heather

I was looking through old pictures and cannot believe this little girl is five. Am I a better mother today than I was then? Lately I haven't felt so swell at it. I need to re-plug myself in to these angels. I will.

And is it really possible that this little one can be turning 2 this week?! Oh my heart desperately yearns to slow it all down.

Photo c/o Heather

And missing this sweet dog. How can an animal connect to us on such a deep level? It is so real.

On another note, Les Miserables was AMAING! I am not even a movie person. I fall asleep in most movies I watch. Always have! But I can't stop thinking about this movie. Officially my favorite movie of all time! AMAZING!


the practice of learning

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I learned to sew. As far as I can remember, my mom would work with me on the sewing machine periodically from the time I was about 7 or 8. It was never forced, though. It was always very casual and when I showed interest. Probably around the age of 12, I started to feel the need to make some clothes- often it was a new skirt. I don't ever remember actually wearing a skirt that I sewed until around age 19. Before then whatever I made didn't usually turn out like I wanted, so I would give up on it, or throw it away, and not attempt to sew again for a few months. Then around age 17, my cousin and I started making quilts with an adopted grandmother of mine. This was something I could finally do! It was just sewing simple, straight lines and yet they could turn into something beautiful really quickly. So I made a LOT of quilts for the next while- I even made one for Jewel, my ABSOLUTE favorite singer, and sent it to her :) Anyway, I took one beginning sewing/ fashion design class in college and learned a ton there. That's when I made my first skirt that I actually liked and wore (until I shrunk it). I remember really taking it seriously and I brought in a picture of a skirt from a J.Crew magazine to try to copy.

Then time passed, and I had my first baby girl! Since then it has been a progressive whirlwind of sewing. But the fascinating thing for me has been to look back and follow how I actually picked up this skill. The first thing I see in my past is my mother constantly. sewing. something. I really believe in children learning things through imitation and osmosis... they will pick up the skills/habits that they see us doing! What a powerful lesson for me! Also, I made a ton of mistakes! My mom would always remind me of her mothers words that it's far better to take out a stitch and try it again, and do it right. I hate taking out seams, but I also know if I do I will be happier in the end- so I am learning to have more patience and hate it less.

Every mistake, every frustrated moment, every thrown away final product was a lesson to me. It reminds me that letting our kids get frustrated with something is OK. They will come back to it when they are ready to try again! Even shrinking the red J.Crew skirt I made in college was a lesson to me in PRE-SHRINKING. So over the years, and with a lot of practice, I've continually improved my sewing skills. I still have a long way to go before I feel totally proficient, but I'm actually falling in love with it...never thought those words would come out of my mouth!

So I thought I would do a series of sewing posts of some of the projects I've been working on over the last few years.

One of my favorite bloggers is The Black Apple. She is extremely talented, inspiring, unique, and someone whom I will constantly admire! She wrote a children's book illustrated with her beautiful paintings, Oddfellow's Orphanage.

image here

Miss Daffodil and I read it together last fall and she fell in love with one of the main characters, Delia. So we made some "Delia dresses" that they wore at Easter. Everyone calls them Pioneer dresses, but Miss Daffodil and I know what they really are ;) To complete the look, we even made her a red notebook necklace, and she usually wears one of my grandmother's brooches at her neckline, but not in these pictures.

These dresses are far from perfect. Looking at them I can see places where I need to improve, but that's how we learn and get better.



How grateful I am that my mom NEVER bought us a Halloween costume- she made them every single year. And for the many, many times the words "we can make it" came out of her mouth while we were out shopping for clothes. Ooh, how it irked me then! Yet, now I find myself saying the same thing to my daughter. I'm constantly reminding her that if we buy everything, then we'll never know how to make anything! -A topic which has been on my mind a lot lately. The wheels in my head have been turning- but that's a topic for another post.

Happy Halloween! And thanks mom, for teaching me how to sew :)

Our daily visit from the flock of quails coming to eat the grass seeds, during our pumpkin carving. I think I saw 2 quails in my whole 28 years of living in California, and that was in Joshua Tree National Forest. Yet here in Tucson, we see them all the time! Isn't the state bird of California the Quail?

Little Miss Anne's dress was actually her older sisters fairy dress from a few years ago.

I used wooden buttons from my grandmother's stash because "gnomes like wooden things", and I crocheted the ties of the aprons.


Spooky, doily style

Being the resourceful girls that we are, Daphne and I noticed that doilies had an awfully close resemblance to spiderwebs. So once that thought was in our heads, we ran with it! I am a sucker for doilies and have quite a stash accumulating.

And then...dun, Dun, DUN... JAVELINAS! 6 to be exact- a WHOLE FAMILY of them! On OUR porch!!! They were witnessed in the destructive act by one of our neighbors at 5 am. Apparently the management sent out an email warning the residents that pumpkins would attract Javelinas. We didn't get the email. Hence, tears, this face, and a promise to get more at the farm. Just this morning the last pumpkin, the biggest, was carted off. Oh, Tucson...